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Mixed Marrow is dedicated to finding bone marrow and blood cell donors to patients of multiethnic descent. Our outreach concentrates on this minority due to the desperate need for registered donors as well as the lack of public knowledge regarding this topic.

Race holds a critical role in finding a marrow match. Genetic makeup must be similar between the donor and the recipient in order for a match to occur. For mixed patients, their monoracial parents and relatives will not likely match them and siblings only hold about a 1 in 4 chance. Not only is ethnicity a factor, but the probability of which antigens are passed down from each parent makes finding a match that much harder. Finding a marrow match has been compared at times as having the odds of “finding a needle in a haystack” or “winning the lottery.”

Because it is that difficult, all healthy people 18-44 years old need to be registered. It could be you one day or someone you love… Don’t wait until that happens to actually do something, the registry is lacking our demographic NOW… there are people worldwide dying TODAY…

We are the largest growing minority, and have the smallest registered donor percentage in comparison. It is time to make a change by stepping up and doing something today.

Click Here to Register or e-mail us you’re info to donate@mixedmarrow.org.