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International Donors

International Bone Marrow Registries

There are registries across the world that share the same mission as the national US registry, Be The Match. If you are outside of the US and would like to learn more about donation in your country, see the following list of registries for their contact information:
*If your country is not listed below, e-mail us at donate@mixedmarrow.org and we can try to help you!
**Please note, the most current list (without contact info) is available on the national website here:
International Donor Centers
Cooperative Registries

Héma-Québec (Quebec)
Telephone: 1-800-565-6635, ext. 279 or 280

Canada Blood Services (Canada, except Quebec)
Telephone: 1-888-236-6283

Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry Charitable Trust
Telephone: +374-10-56-9880/+374-9-40-8312

Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Telephone: +61-2-9229-4508/+61-2-9229-4509

Austrian Bone Marrow Donors
Telephone: +43-1-403-7193

Marrow Donor Program Belgium
Motstraat 40
B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium
Telephone: +32-15-443396/+32-15-443387

Bulgarian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Central Laboratory of Clinical Immunology
National Reference Laboratory
1, Georgy Sofiisky, Str.
1431 Sofia, Bulgaria
Email: medbiot@intech.bg
Telephone: +359-888-995-449

Hong Kong Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Telephone: +852-2710-1206

Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
University Hospital-Zagreb
Tissue Typing Centre
Kispaticeva 12
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Email: ececuk@kbc-zagreb.hr
Telephone: +385-1-2388-689

Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Telephone: +357-22-772700
Cyprus Paraskevaidio Bone Marrow Donor Registry
4A Char. Mouskos St.
P.O. Box 24307
1102 Nicosia, Cyprus
Email: laboratory@transplant.com.cy
Telephone: +357-22-672323

Czech Republic
Czech National Marrow Donor Registry
URL: http://www.kostnidren.cz/registry/
Telephone: +420-377-533-300

Czech Stem Cells Registry (CSCR)
Telephone: +420-2-6136-2354/+420-2-6136-1011

Bone Marrow Donors Copenhagen (BMDC)
Tissue Typing Laboratory
Dept. of Clinical Immunology, Sect. 7631
National University Hospital (Rigshopitalet)
Tagensvej 20
DK-2200 Copenhagen, Denmark
Email: bodil.k.jakobsen@rh.regionh.dk
Telephone: +45-35-457631

Danish Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Dept. of Clinical Immunology
Tissue Typing Laboratory
Skejby Hospital
DK-8200 Aarhus
Email: DBMDR@sks.aaa.dk
Telephone: +45-8949-5310

Finnish Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Red Cross Finland
Blood Service
Kivihaantie 7
FI-00310 Helsinki, Finland
Email: bmdr@bts.redcross.fi
Telephone: +358-9-580-1389/+358-9-580-1572

Association pour le Don D’Organe et de Tissus humains (ADOT)
Consent form: http://www.france-adot.org/don-organe/form-inscription-moelle.pdf
Telephone: 01 42 45 63 40

Zentrales Knochenmarkspender-Register Deutschland
Telephone: +49-731-1507-00

Unrelated Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donor Registry Greece
National Transplant Organization (NTO)
5 Anastasiou Tsoha Street
11521 Athens, Greece
Email: eom@eom.gr
Telephone: +30-210-647-1200

Hungarian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
National Medical Centre
Institute of Haematology and Immunology
Dioszegi u. 64
H-1113 Budapest
Email: rajczy@csvdonor.hu
Telephone: +36-1-466-7020

Asian Indian Donor Marrow Registry
Dept. of Transplant Immunology and Immunogenetics
All India Institute of Medical Science
Ansari Nagar
110029 New Delhi, India
Email: narin98@hotmail.com
Telephone: +91-11-265-88-588

The Irish Unrelated Bone Marrow Panel
Irish Blood Transfusion Service
National Blood Centre
St. James Street
8 Dublin, Ireland
Email: sinead.horgan@ibts.ie
Telephone: +353-1-432-2897

Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Telephone: +972-3-927-7778/+972-3-923-0262

Hadassah BMDR
Tissue Typing Unit
Hadassah Medical Organization
P.O. Box 12000
91120 Jerusalem
Email: avivi@hadassah.org.il
Telephone: +972-2-643-4035

Sheba Medical Center Donor Registry
Tissue Typing Laboratory
Sheba Medical Center
52621 Tel-Hashomer

Email: ronl@sheba.health.gov.il
Telephone: +972-3-5302829

Italian Bone Marrow Donor Registry and Cord Blood Bank Network
Telephone: +39-010-563-4434/+39-010-563-4435

Japan Marrow Donor Program
Telephone: +81-3-5280-8111

Lithuanian National Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Hematology, Oncology and Transfusion Medicine Center
Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Clinics
Santariskiu 2
08661 Vilnius, Lithuania
Email: radvile.malickaite@santa.lt
Telephone: +370-5-236-5077

Mexican Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Telephone: +52-55-5341-4569

Europdonor Foundation
Telephone: +31-71-5685300

New Zealand
New Zealand Bone Marrow Donor Registry (NZBMDR)
Telephone: 0800 800 256 or (09) 523 5756

The Norwegian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Telephone: +47-2307-3770

National Polish Bone Marrow Registry
ul. Muchoborska 18
54-424 Wroclaw
Email: bank@dctk.wroc.pl
Telephone: +48-071-79-11999

Polish Central Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Lindleya 4
02-005 Warsaw, Poland
Email: ocrdsikp@o2.pl
Telephone: +48-22-627-0748

Against Leukemia Foundation Marrow Donor Registry
ul. G. Morcinka 5 Suite 19-21
01-496 Warsaw, Poland
Email: alf@mdr.org.pl
Telephone: +48-22-638-4452/+48-604-529-708

Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor and CB Registry
Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion
5 Chocimska Street
00-957 Warsaw, Poland
Email: mailto:szpik@ihit.waw.pl
Telephone: +48-22-646-8579

Ursula Jaworska Foundation-Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Miedzynarodowa 61
5 Chocimska Street
03-992 Warsaw, Poland
Telephone: +48-22-870-0521/+48-22-617-5488

Portuguese Bone Marrow Donors Registry
Telephone: +351-21-750-4152/+351-21-750-4100

Russian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Research Center for Hematology
Novozykovsky Lane 4a
125167 Moscow, Russian Federation
Telephone: +7-495-621-4302

Karelian Registry of Unrelated Donors of Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Telephone: +7-8142-76-5897/+7-8142-67-0180

San Marino
San Marino Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Laboratorio Analisi – Centro Trasfusionale
Ospedale di Stato della RSM
Via Scialoja 20
47893 Borgo Maggiore, San Marino
Email: info@smbmdr.sm
Telephone: +378-0549-994207/+378-0549-994208

Slovak National Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Hospital St. Cyril and Metod
Clinic of Hematology and Blood Transfusion
Antolska 11
85107 Bratislava
Email: skbmdr@npba.sk
Telephone: +421-2-6353-2166

Slovenia Donor
Telephone: +386-1-54-38-106/+386-1-54-38-227

South Africa
South African Bone Marrow Registry
Telephone: +27-21-404-6445/+27-21-447-5145

Tobias Registry of Swedish Bone Marrow Donors
C 2 59
S-14186 Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +41-31-380-8151

Swiss Blood Stem Cells
Telephone: +41-31-380-8151

Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital Stem Cells Center
URL: http://www.tzuchi.org.tw/tc-marrow/index.htm
Telephone: +886-3-856-1825, ext.3142/+886-3-857-5529

Thai Stem Cell Donor Registry
National Blood Centre, Thai Red Cross Society
1871 Henri Dunant Road, Pathumwan
10330 Bangkok, Thailand
Email: pawinee_k@webmail.redcross.or.th
Telephone: +66-2-255-6925

Bone Marrow Bank of Istanbul Medical Faculty
Telephone: +90-212-635-1168

Ankara University Faculty of Medicine
Department of Hematology
Blood and Marrow Transplantation Unit
Tissue Typing Laboratories
Ibni Sina Hospital
06100 Ankara, Turkey
Email: Meral.Beksac@medicine.ankara.edu.tr
Telephone: +90-312-595-7345

United Arab Emirates
Emirates Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Centre
P.O.Box 2605
UAE University Road
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Email: alamiriamin@yahoo.com
Telephone: +971-50-646-4371

United Kingdom
Anthony Nolan Trust
Telephone: 0303 303 0303

Welsh Bone Marrow Donor Registry
Telephone: +44-1443-622177

Telephone: +598-2-487-9111