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Our Team




Athena Mari Asklipiadis – Founder and Director

Athena, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Armenian, Egyptian, lives in Los Angeles, CA where she works in entertainment. With the passing of her aunt, Esther Matsuguma, from Lymphoma in 2007 and a chance meeting with patient, Krissy Kobata’s family at a marrow drive, she recognized the need for a multiracial/multiethnic outreach for bone marrow and cord blood donation. Athena had worked in the multiracial/mixed community for some years on websites like, Eurasian Nation, Addicted to Race and We Are Hapa and knew there was a lot of awareness that was necessary. In 2008, she volunteered with A3M and in 2009, she launched Mixed Marrow through A3M and Be The Match. “Being diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disease is not a death sentence. We can save each other.”


Krystle Beglari – Recruiter

Krystle who is from Los Angeles, CA has a Iranian father and African-American mother. With this unusual mix, she realized how important it is to help those in need of a mixed donor like herself for marrow. “I enjoy helping out others and I believe that if I can simply save a life based on my type of marrow, how could I not answer the calling? There are so many people that die just because of a lack of donors, but if more people were to join this community of Mixed Marrow, there would be a better chance to save a life”



Kathleen Graham – New York Recruitment Manager
(left, pictured with her family)

Kathleen is a nurse who lives in the Bronx with her husband, David, and two sons. She is Caucasian and her husband is Jamaican with Chinese ancestry. Since first attending Loving Day in 2009, she has become more involved with the mixed community. “As the mother of two young sons, I’m aware of the health needs of children and of the need to grow the numbers of mixed and minority people on the bone marrow registry. When I found Mixed Marrow on facebook, I was very excited and wanted to be able to do something to help. I met Athena and Tak at the NYC Loving Day celebration in 2010 and am delighted to be part of this team! It is my hope that the mixed community will become more aware of its unique needs and will respond favorably so that our children and grandchildren can have long, healthy lives!”


Joe Lee – Recruiter

Joe, from New Jersey is a part of the East Coast team of Mixed Marrow. He first learned about the importance of being a bone marrow donor when he heard about Keiton Knight, a mixed little boy in the UK, who needed a bone marrow transplant. “Being mixed myself, my father was Chinese and my mother is Slovak, and realizing that a blood disease could affect people I know and love, I had to answer the call to action. Being a part of Mixed Marrow has been extremely rewarding for me, and it gives me great joy and satisfaction to give back to the community in this capacity.”

Takeru Maeda – Recruiter

Takeru, from New York City, is the eldest child of a Japanese father and a Venezuelan mother, mixed with Trinidadian and Spanish roots. While working as a video editor by day, Takeru devotes his “me-time” to studying martial arts, his family and friends, sports, photography, writing, cooking, going to the cinemas, and enjoying the urban jungle that which he calls home. Takeru initially heard about Mixed Marrow through his friend and organization founder, Athena Asklipiadis, and has been professionally and personally involved with MM since its first NYC Marrow Drive in June of 2010. “I feel a personal obligation to educate multiracials and interracial couples on the importance of bone marrow and cord blood donation for the sake of helping other fellow mixies, themselves, their kids, future families, and other mixed race generations to come.”

Liana McGinley – Recruiter
(right, pictured with her family)

Liana is a wife and mother from Southern New Jersey. Throughout the day, she enjoys balancing roles as a Stay-At-Home-Mom, Real Estate Sales Agent, Etsy.com Shoppe Owner and Bone Marrow Donor Advocate…”Story-teller/House-seller, Cook-for-spouse/Show-a-house, Paint-a-name/Play-a-game, Find-a-donor/Greet-home-owner!”
“I am 100% Hapa, and 100% committed to increasing the education regarding issues surrounding the need to grow the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry, especially within minority communities. Being an American of Korean and European descent, I believe it is my duty to bring attention and reaction to this cause. I love my Son. I love my life. I love my heritage, and I love this Organization!”
*”Go Green, Recycle Your Genes!” *

Tara Wakely – Recruiter

Tara is Japanese, Irish and Canadian and has lived in various countries, but is now based in San Francisco, California. “I love the Bay Area for its diversity, innovation, creativity and progressive outlook.” She completed her Masters degree in Ethnic and Racial studies and is starting a Master of Science degree in Public Health. She also has a background in journalism, television and social media marketing. “I have always been passionate about health, especially so after a serious illness and 3 month hospital stay several years ago. I believe that knowledge is power when it comes to taking control of your health. I am hoping to combine my interest in health and communications to address the growing need for mixed-race marrow and umbilical cord blood donors. I strongly believe that increasing awareness is the first step in healing those in need.”

Kristin Gibler – Graphic Artist

Kristin Gibler is an Art Director for feature films and is working on becoming a volunteer EMT. Kristin became involved with Mixed Marrow after a close friend was diagnosed with Leukemia. Cancer puts people in awkward and strenuous situations, so even from a distance Kristin wanted to help in whatever little way she could — enter Mixed Marrow. Luckily the friend is better now!
Website: www.KristinGibler.com

Saren Sakurai – Website Admin

Saren is half Japanese, and half from Ohio. He lives in Orange County, California and works at a digital marketing agency by day, and builds iOS apps by night. He is a co-organizer of the Orange County iOS Developers Meetup and has more than a few side projects, including a 9 year-old skateboarder who is 3/4 Japanese.




                       If you are interested in volunteering and joining our team, please email us at: volunteer@mixedmarrow.org