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“Anya LeFrancis from Chester, NJ, loves crafts, art, kittens and all things girly. Not out of the ordinary for a 9 year old girl. What makes Anya extraordinary, besides her beautiful soul, is that she is bravely fighting leukemia for a second time since first being diagnosed during her kindergarten year. This time, she is fighting for her life and needs a bone marrow transplant in 2-3 months : Spring 2017.
Anya’s unique heritage makes it even more difficult to find a perfect match from the donor registries. Anya is part Caucasian/European and part Southeast Asian (Indian). Only 3 percent of registered donors are of mixed race, and of that 3 percent, finding her mix of heritage in a donor is very challenging.
Please help save Anya’s life by sharing her story and information about finding a mixed race donor. ”

Learn more and support Anya here: https://www.facebook.com/princessanyatheovercomer/